Spring 2012

Mikhail Chester
Susan Spierre (Clark)

Project Groups
Michael S
Social Impacts
Michael B

Course Overview

A major aspect of engineering is the design of components, products, manufacturing systems, software, and the services and practices that they enable. Increasingly, systemic environmental considerations are being incorporated into product development, manufacture and regulation. Examples range from end-of-life product management regulations, to bans on particular materials, to requirements that greenhouse gas emissions be minimized during various life cycle stages, to critical questions about rapidly evolving technologies such as genetic engineering or nanotechnology scale operations. The successful engineer or technology manager will be the one who understands this rapidly changing operating environment, and can produce high-quality designs and products that respond to new and evolving customer and social demands.


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January 5

Lecture: (S. Spierre and M. Chester)
Course Overview and Intro to Industrial Ecology
Project Overview
In-class Activity: Student discussion weeks assigned

January 10

Lecture: Systems Approaches and Analysis (S. Spierre)
Pre-lecture Readings: Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 15

January 12

Lecture: Urban Industrial Ecology and Urban Metabolism (M. Chester)
Pre-lecture Readings:
Chapter 21
Kennedy et al. 2008
Wolman 1965
Scientific American: Cities Do More With Less (September 2011)
Assignment Due: Homework 1
In-class Activities: Term project groups assigned

January 17

In-class Activities: Project discussion (M. Chester and S. Spierre)

January 19

Lecture: Energy and Industrial Ecology (M. Chester)
Pre-lecture Readings:
Chapter 19
Brandt and Farrell 2006
Jacobson et al. 2005

January 24

Lecture: History of Industrial Ecology (Brad Allenby guest lecture)
Pre-lecture Readings:
Garner and Keolian 1995
Assignment Due: Project Deliverable 1

January 26

Student-lead class discussion
The Anthropocene: Its Formation, Existance and Impact on Industrial Ecology (Janet and Joy)
Pre-discussion Readings:
Steffen et al. 2011
Allenby 2008
The Atlantic: 1492

January 31

Lecture: Intro to Material Flow Analysis and National Accounting (S. Spierre)
Pre-lecture Readings:
Chapter 17
Assignment Due: Homework 2

February 2

In-class Activity: Project discussion (M. Chester and S. Spierre)

February 7

Lecture: Biological Ecology and Industrial Ecology, Metabolic Analysis (S. Spierre)
Pre-lecture Readings: Chapters 4 and 5
Assignment Due: Project Deliverable 2

February 9

Student-lead class discussion: Sustainable Development (Andrew and Edwin)
Pre-discussion Readings and Video:
Jabareen 2008, A New Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Development
United Nations 2007, Sustainable Consumption and Production
Permaculture Principles at Work

February 14

Lecture: Life Cycle Assessment (M. Chester)
Pre-lecture Readings:
Chapter 12
ISO 14044

February 16

In-class Activity: Project discussion (M. Chester and S. Spierre)

February 21

Lecture: Life Cycle Assessment Exercise (M. Chester)
Pre-lecture Readings: Chapters 13 and 14

February 23

Student-lead class discussion: Green Chemistry (Chase and David)
Pre-discussion Readings and Video:
Hill and Janz, 2003, Developmental Estrogenic Exposure on Zebrafish, Aquatic Toxicity 63
Anastas and Kirchhoff, 2002, Or., Curr. Stat, and Future Chall. of Gr. Chem., Acc. Chem. Res. 35
Sheldon, 2005, Green Solvents for Sustainable Organic Synthesis, Green Chemistry 7

February 28

Lecture: Sustainable Engineering (S. Spierre)
Pre-lecture Readings: Chapter 8

March 1

In-class Activity: Project discussion (M. Chester and S. Spierre)

March 6

Lecture: Earth Systems Engineering and Management (M. Chester)
Pre-lecture Readings: Chapter 27
Assignment Due: Homework 3

March 8

Student-lead class discussion: Life Cycle Assessment (Scott and Liu)
Pre-discussion Readings and Video:
Reap et al., 2008, A Survey of Unresolved Problems in LCA, IJLCA 13
Blengini, 2009, Life Cycle of Buildings, Demolition & Recycling Potential, Building & Env. 44
Finnveden et al., 2009, Recent Developments in LCA, J of Env. Mgmt 91

March 13

In-class Activity: Project discussion (M. Chester and S. Spierre)
Assignment Due: Project Deliverable 3

March 15

Lecture: Climate and Economic Changes and the Energy-Water Nexus (Liz Martin guest lecture)
Pre-lecture Readings:
Scottland and Pasqualetti, 2010, Energy and Water Scarcity, Univ. of AZ Udall Center
Hoekstra and Chapagain, 2007, Water Footprints of Nations, Water Res. Mgmt 21

March 27

Lecture: Corporate Aspects of Industrial Ecology (Brad Allenby guest lecture)
Pre-lecture Readings: Chapter 26

March 29

Student-lead class discussion: ESEM, Resiliency, and the Urban Infrastructure (Sam and Abdul)
Pre-discussion Readings:
Allenby, 2007, ESEM and A Manifesto, Env. Sci. & Tech. 43
Allenby and Fink, 2005, Toward Inherently Secure and Resilient Societies, Science 309
Allenby, 2004, Infrastructure in the Anthropocene, ASCE J of Inf. Sys. 10

April 3

Lecture: Industrial Ecology in Developing Economies (S. Spierre)
Pre-lecture Readings:
Chapter 25
Shinkuma and Huong, 2009, The Flow of E-waste Material in the Asian Region, EIAR 29

April 5

In-class Activity: Project discussion (M. Chester and S. Spierre)
Assignment Due: Project Deliverable 4

April 10

Lecture: Project discussion (M. Chester and S. Spierre)
Pre-lecture Readings: Chapter 7

April 12

Student-lead class discussion: Urban Metabolism (Michael B and Michael S)
Pre-discussion Readings:
Ayres, 2004, On the life cycle metaphor: where ecology and economics diverge, Ec. Econ. 48
Golubiewski, 2012, Is There a Metabolism of an Urban Ecosystem? Ambio
Fischer-Kowalski & Huttler, 2008, Society's Metabolism, JIE

April 17

Lecture: Future of Technological Systems (Brad Allenby guest lecture)
Pre-lecture Readings: Chapter 28

April 19

In-class Activity: Project discussion (M. Chester and S. Spierre)

April 24

A final presentation will take place on April 24 at noon at the Urban Systems Engineering (USE 104). The presentation will be given to a committee of Urban Metabolism and Urban Systems experts.